Main Product Lines:


  • Magnetic Components
  • Standard catalog magnetic components (Example : inductors, chokes, power inductors, chip inductors, etc.)
  • Custom-designs magnetic components according customer’s exact specifications drawing.
  • Low frequency Power Transformer – Laminated type ; Toroidal type.
  • High frequency Power Transformer – Ferrite core type.
  • AC-DC Adapter ; AC-AC Adapter – Switching or Linear type.

Technical & Design Capabilities Product Range:

  • Toroidal Transformer : 75VA to 4000VA
    Size : OD 80 to 250mm, HT 34 to 100mm
  • EI Type Transformer : 5VA to 2000VA
    Size: EI35 to EI133.2mm
  • CC cut core: 50VA to 500VA
    Size : custom  
  • Have capabilities to customise according to customer specification.
  • Have R&D capabilities to analyse customer specification and optimise products design to suit customer requirements.
  • Design Theory verification thru prototyping and thru software calculation.
  • Capable of specifying raw materials requirement to suppliers to achieve and optimise the design parameters.
  • Prototyping production set-up to fabricate samples for design verification.


  • Product design proposal with the consideration of customer’s budget and design optimisation.
  • Part cost reduction proposal.
  • Quick prototyping.
  • Part safety construction review and certification support.
  • Small volume production arrangement to support new product pilot run plan.
  • Product manufacturing quality plan.
  • Implement material plan to overcome customer’s order lead-time constraint.
  • Production site audit.
  • Handle customer’s complaint and provide improvement plan.


Quality Assurance

UL certificate E347353; E356175
Product Outgoing Inspection Standard – MIL STD 105E, Level II, Normal Inspection
Critical =0
Major =0.1
Minor = 0.65
Appearance = 0.65

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