December 29


Protek PMP90 Series


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The PMP90 series of AC/DC switching power supplies are for 60-90 watts of continuous output power. They are enclosed in a 94V-1 rated polyphenylene-oxide case with an IEC320/C14 or IEC320/C18 inlet to mate with interchangeable cord for world-wide use. All models meet EN55011, EN55022 and FCC class B emission limits, and are designed for medical and ITE applications, not for life-supporting equipment


– Low safety ground leakage current
– Both Class I and Class II models are certified to medical and ITE safety standards.
– Wide input range 90 to 264 VAC
– Optional output connectors
– 100% burn-in
– Overvoltage protection
– Overcurrent protection
– Compliant with CEC and Energy Star Efficiency level IV requirements (except models PMP90-10, PMP90-10-1 and PMP90-11)
* No load power consumption less than 0.5 W
* Average active ef f iciency greater than 85%
– Compliant wi th RoHS requirements

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