February 26


High Voltage DC/DC Converters Q4 Series 4.0 Watt

The Q4 Series high voltage DC/DC converter offers a 4.0W 100% programable high voltage output using a 0 to 9Vdc analog signal. Their exceptionally low noise, regulation, and stability make them ideally suited for applications including: Photomultiplier tubes, MASS Spectrometers, Radiation Counters and Ultrasonic Transducers.


  • Customer Selects Output Voltage
  • Regulated Outputs to + or -5000Vdc
  • 0-100% Programable Outputs
  • Output Voltage Monitor
  • High Regulation <0.001%
  • Ultra Low Output Noise & EMI/RFI
  • Continuous Short Circuit Protection
  • On Board Precision Reference
Temp. (Stability): 0.005%/Deg C
Temp. (Operating Case): 0 to +50 Deg C 
Temp. (Storage): -40 to +85 Deg C
EMI/RFI: Six Sided Shield
Derating: None 
Cooling: Free-Air Convection

* All models designed to meet UL 60950
* * For RoHS Compliant part, add suffix /Y


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