February 26


Cincon AC-DC Peak Load Power Supply

In some applications, they require more power for only a short moment when the devices are powered on to work. After the short period, when it goes to the regular operating status, they only need a half or one third of the peak load power. For example, a device may consume 80W and take only a few seconds to be powered on. During the rest of time, it consumes only 40W which is a half of the peak power. In this case, engineer would select an 80W power supply which is same as the peak load power, otherwise the device won’t work. It is the right choice and the product cost is the price of 80W power supply.

However, Cincon is glad to say engineers now have another alternative. Cincon offers a series of AC-DC power supplies with the unique peak load function. There are three rated output powers which are 25W, 40W, and 60W. They all provide 2 times the power of rated output which are 50W, 80W, 120W in 10 secs. By choosing AC-DC peak load power supplies, the product cost would be reduced to the price of 25W, 40W or 60W instead of paying that of 50W, 80W or 120W.

In addition, choosing AC-DC peak load power supplies would save space of your system PCB. For instance, a common size of 120W power supply would be 2”x4” inches, but however, Cincon AC-DC peak load power supply CFM61S is 2”x2” inches which is significantly smaller.

The AC-DC peak load power supplies are suitable for using in applications such as coffee machine, automatic gate, printers, kitchen hood, automatic ticket machine, motor control system.

Take CFM41S as example:

It’s a 40W AC-DC power supply. The peak load function has a repeated cycle of 200% load for 10 secs and 80% load for 90 secs. In addition, if the input voltage is lower than 200 VAC, then you need to add an external capacitor to BC+ & BC- ports. If the input voltage is more than 200 VAC, then you don’t need the capacitor.


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