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Peak load Power Supply for Motor Driven Applications


Peak load feature power supply could be utilized in many applications. Those applications include motor drive, capacitor charging, pulse load system etc. For the motor driven loads, they have been widely utilized in household appliances and Industrial control systems. In this article, some case studies would be discussed and how the needs are fulfilled by the peak load features.

Application: Motor drive in Household appliance

Many household appliances are equipped with motors, such as coffee machine, food blender, kitchen hood, robot vacuum, automatic door, electric window /drawer, etc. The size requirement in these appliances is typically small, but the need of transient current is high. However, ordinary power supplies couldn’t stand the peak current and go into protection mode mostly. Some people may choose the higher wattage power supplies which have the direct link to bigger size and higher cost. So, it turns out not to be an ideal solution. From the above consideration, a smaller size with peak load feature power supply would be suitable for these applications.

Example 1: Coffee machine

Coffee machine is a common household appliance. The main function of motor inside is to grind the coffee bean before brewing and the whole process will be within a few seconds. In one of the cases from Cincon, the customer is looking for a power supply that could stand 120W peak load for 5 seconds and 80W of nominal power. Therefore, we recommend Cincon CFM81S which perfectly meets this requirement from cost-saving and size perspective point of view.

Example 2: Electric bed

Electric bed is widely used in household and health care applications. An electric bed holds up a person by the motor under the bed within a few seconds. In one of the cases from Cincon, it requires the peak power up to 132W within 1 sec and operates under 60W as the nominal output power. Cincon CFM61S could achieve the peak load to 120W which is the double of the rated output power and is able to be modified to a little bit higher output wattage to meet the customer’s need.

Example 3: Robot vacuum

Another commonly seen household appliance is robot vacuum on which the wheels are driven by motor to move around. However, when the robot vacuum bumps into a wall or obstacles, the motor will need higher wattage against the torque for switching to another direction. In one of Cincon’s cases for a robot vacuum which could also be commercial use, the robot needs an extra 50%-100% of output current for 2 to 3 secs while this condition happens. When this situation happens, a traditional power supply would possibly go into overcurrent protection and fail. In this case, the peak load power feature is needed to ensure the robot could smoothly operate under this scenario.

Example 4: Automatic door / Electric drawer, window and curtain

In a smart home system, the automatic feature is implemented into many household appliances. We’ve seen drawers, closet doors, kitchen cabinets, and curtain tracks etc. equipped with motors to fulfill the feature. In the real application, these electronic devices were mostly hidden inside a limited enclosed space and the peak current requirement could be high during the operation. The CFM25S/CFM41S are great options to fit in these applications with compact size and the peak current feature.


Cincon has four series of AC-DC power supply with the peak load feature which could offer the 2 times peak load current of the rated output current. These power supplies are suitable for the motor driven applications.


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