March 21


New 20% smaller PSC-series DC/DC converter!


We release new version of DC/DC converter series PSC150 – PSC240
We increased the highest input voltage up to 550 Vd.c. as demands start to increase in battery runned vehicles and energy storage.

Outputs from 5 V to 125 Vd.c. between 100 to 240 W output power with convection cooling.

Main features with the new PSC-series are:

  • Very low emissions in low and high frequencies ranges
  • Compact and convection cooled +55°C, +70°C with T3, (+85°C 10 min)
  • DC Inputs from 16 up to 560 Vdc
  • Outputs 5V up to 125 Vdc
  • Short lead times
  • CE-marked, EMC, Safety and RoHS II

We also emphasize the two different mechanical styles:

  • The N-mechanics intended for wall, chassis and DIN rail mounting.
  • Euro format 3HE the L-mechanics with 8 to 12TE.
  • This mechanics is also valid for the PSE-series as well as the PSC600 – series.


The PSE-series has limits in possibilities regarding input voltage levels and 48 V as max output voltage. The PSC series has a wider range in all directions, input voltage, output voltage and output power. For more information click here.



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