November 11


Cincon earned IPC Qualified Manufacturing Listings

Cincon is delighted to announce that Cincon earned IPC Qualified Manufacturing Listings (QML) of IPC J-STD-001 (Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies) & IPC-A-610 (Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies). This certificate shows that the quality assurance of Cincon production line. It also proves the capabilities of the following items.


  • Internal Failure Analysis Lab Capabilities
  • Lead-Free Assembly Process Capable
  • Plated Through Hole Component Assembly
  • Process Validation
  • Rework and Repair Process Capable
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Surface Mount Component Assembly
  • Wavesolder Capable

 In addition, Cincon passed the requirements of Class 3 which is the IPC’s highest level of QML certification of IPC J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 QML standards, showing the commitment to providing high quality products to customers.


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