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CHB200W12-72S for Railway Solution

With many years of professional experience, Cincon Electronics has launched many power converters that help our business partners to solve the challenges of power supply applications. This article will introduce Cincon’s latest ultra-wide input DC-DC converter: CHB200W12-72S. This series is suitable for various applications because of the wide input voltage range. The CHB200W12-72S offers 200 Watts with a single output voltage of 12, 15, 24, or 48 VDC.

The output voltage trimmed range is from -20% to +15%. In addition to being compliant to EN 50155 and EN 45545-2 railway standards, this DC-DC converter has the ultra-wide input range from 14 VDC to 160 VDC, along with 3000 VAC isolation voltage. Also, the operating altitude is up to 5000m, and the 90% efficiency is able to reduce the amount of energy loss. Inherited from Cincon’s power supply features and benefits, it has full protections of UVLO, Input OVP, OCP, OVP, OTP, and continuous short circuit protection, which ensures the stability of the end-device use.


 We provide system designers with the CHB200W12-72S circuit diagram as reference which includes Input Filter, Output Filter, and Shunt Diode, and TVS. The circuit modular application is compliant to EN 50155 and EN50121-3-2 railway EMC standards. Referring to the circuit diagram can help system designers reduce the development time. The following are the circuit diagram, component information, and test results for railway solutions. Users can refer to the application notes to find the detailed data.

CHB200W12-72S Peripheral Circuit for Railway Turnkey Solution:

EN 55032 Class A conducted & radiated emission

Component value:

Model Number





C101, C102, C105

1uF/250V SMD

1812 X7R ceramic

C103, C113

220uF/200V, Aluminum cap. KXJ series

NIPPON CHEMI-CON KXJ series aluminum capacitor or equivalent


68uF/200V, Aluminum cap.CS series

Nichicon CS series aluminum capacitor or equivalent


120uF/220V, Aluminum cap. KXJ series

NIPPON CHEMI-CON KXJ series aluminum capacitor or equivalent

C201, C202

0.1uF/100V SMD

0805 X7R ceramic

C203, C204

6.8uF/50V SMD

1812 X7R ceramic

C205, C206, C207

10uF/50V SMD

1210 X7R ceramic


0.1uF/100V SMD

1210 X7R ceramic

C209, C210

1uF/100V SMD

1210 X7R ceramic

C211, C212

6.8uF/50V SMD

1812 X7R ceramic



TDK Y1 capacitor or equivalent



TDK Y1 capacitor or equivalent



TDK Y1 capacitor or equivalent

CY3, CY4


TDK Y1 capacitor or equivalent

CY5, CY6


TDK Y1 capacitor or equivalent

CY7, CY8

0.022uF/275Vac 10mm X2

CARLI MPX Series X2 capacitor or equivalent

L101, L102

0.72mH 0.8mm*2/10T R-22/14/8B

MA100-C ALWIN or equivalent.


0.12mH 0.7mm*8/2T

FCN0179C WELL LIGHT or equivalent.



LITTELFUSE or equivalent

D102, D103


ST or equivalent


Add on CY5, CY6

BRI 4*1.5*2 CHILISIN or equivalent

Suggested PCB Layout

Cincon Electronics has accumulated many years of professional experience in integrating power converters into the railway applications. We have rolled out the ultra-wide input range of CHB200W12-27S series with the input and output filter combination. In addition, they are compliant to the related railway standards such as EN 50155 and EN 50121-3-2. In addition to products themselves, their peripheral circuits have the full protections. Plus, there are a wide variety of cooling ways by the multiple Heat Sink choices. Their highly integrated features, for users, are cost-effective and greatly reduce the development phase.


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