March 14


APD P5 Series 5 Watt

The P5 Series of DC/DC converters offer a 5 kVdc isolated high voltage output directly proportional to input voltage. They are available in alternate industry standard pinouts. All models will tolerate a short circuit indefinitely. They also include a LC Network input filter to minimize reflected ripple current.

APD offers customer focused solutions which are designed, engineered and produced under the same roof integrating ´know how´, quality, and efficiency. Our rapid turn-around time and responsive design solutions will assist in getting your product to market in minimum time. Build yours today!


  • Customer Selects Output Voltage
  • + or – Outputs to 4000Vdc
  • Dual Outputs
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Industry Standard Pinouts
  • LC Network (Input Filter)
  • 5 kVdc Output Isolation
  • Continuous Short Circuit Protection

Temp. (Stability): 0.02%/Deg C
Temp. (Operating Case): -20 to +85 Deg C
Temp. (Storage): -55 to +100 Deg C
EMI/RFI: Shield Available
Derating: None
Cooling: Free-Air Convection
* All models designed to meet UL 60950
* * For RoHS Compliant part, add suffix /Y


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